Medical Devices

We strive for reliable healthcare solutions

What do you feel is most important for your medical devices? We aim for reliable and intuitive devices that meet the medical standards. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic devices are user-friendly and the technology is verified and tested. The core of our devices are sensors that monitor real-time situation. This sensor information is analyzed and visualized to give the physician every thing that is needed to do the job. We work according to ISO 13485; even better: our products are beyond standards.

Breath analyser demonstrator Whole body hyperthermia device Long function devices
HT2000   MedwearDoorklik  
Intraperitoneal hyperthermia Adjunctive blood detoxification Smart care shirt
3D medical image of male with lower spine highlighted  20170421 Plasmacure 2    
Spine Measurement Plasmacure Room For Heal
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Energetische headset      

ISO 13485