Specialized support for global player in respiratory care

Breathing fresh air

Relitech has a strong history in cardio-pulmonary function testing. We have developed spirometry and ergospirometry devices including embedded and application software. Nowadays, we still provide dedicated and specialized support in this area. For Carefusion, we upgraded the electronics of their Oxycon Mobile to the latest technology. This system comprises a small wearable sensor box with volume- and gas sensors, a small wearable data exchange unit including telemetry for online data transmission, and a remote calibration unit and a PC for control and analysis.

Oxycon Mobile

With our knowledge of the application and sensor technology, we can adapt fast to the needs of our customers in the field of respiratory care and gas sensing. Also, Relitech designed a method to enhance the response, by applying a correction on the measured signal which improves the response time of the system. Together, this gives our customers an advantage in developing reliable technology for pulmonary testing and respiratory care.