A wound plaster that cures

High voltage plasma on a patient

Some wounds, like foot ulcers of diabetic patients, are difficult to cure and can become chronic. Plasmacure developed an innovative treatment for healing chronic wounds: the cold plasma pad. This is an electronic pad that helps wounds heal faster and better. We support Plasmacure in reaching their goals by developing and engineering their plasma pulser device.

20170424 Plasmacure mockup

Currently, a clinical trial is running at VUmc with a prototype device. To make this possible, we were first contacted to tackle the safety issues for this prototype. Because of the fruitful collaboration, we are nowadays supporting the design of the final device. The electronics shall meet the IEC 60601 standard for electrical safety. And while high voltages and currents are used to generate the plasma at the patients skin, it is an appealing challenge to meet the EMC standard. We are also developing the firmware of this stand-alone device and in the future we will produce the product.

With this example project, we hope to convince you that we can support you on product development, especially regarding electrical safety. We are able to adapt fast and flexible to meet your needs. We are eager to hear how we can support you.