Whole body hyperthermia

Innovative medical product development

For Vither, a Dutch company developing a new cancer therapy, we developed an advanced whole body hyperthermia device for clinical therapy. In this project, Relitech was involved and responsible for the whole trajectory, from design, implementation, testing and verification to building the prototypes and receiving CE-marking. The device increases the body core temperature by venous perfusion to approximately 42,5°C for two hours in support of an oncological treatment. A prototype was developed that is used in pre-clinical (animal) studies and O-series will be started for the clinical trials. Also, the prototypes are used for validation and CE market clearance.


For us, an important challenge was to develop a device that can heat-up the body fast but not too warm, to prevent (irreversible) damage to blood, brains and other organs (kidney, liver etc). Also, device safety was a important issue, as this is a Class IIb medical grade product with body floating leakage current. We are proud the animal studies were finished successfully.