Universal gas analyser

Multi-gas sensor for dedicated applications

Relitech developed a universal gas analyser (UGA). The UGA is designed to measure a preselected gas-of-interest (for example CO2, CH4, He or Xe) in a mixture of (known) background gases. The UGA requires a stable flow through the sensor. When the sensor is supplied with real-time background concentrations, it gives a real-time concentration of the gas-of-interest (response time < 100 ms). If the gas-of-interest is changed or the mixture of background gasses, the analyser can be adapted by Relitech. This sensor is designed to be used in a medical device, as it is developed under ISO 13485 regulations.


The heart of our smart analyser is a sensor measuring changes in heat conductivity. We are proud that we incorporated the technology in a ‘standard component’, that with little fine-tuning can be used in multiple applications. Also for our software, we develop these ‘building blocks’. These standard components enable faster and more reliable hardware and software development. Also for our customers, we like to develop these type of universal modules that can be used in multiple products. We are proud we can offer our customers a flexible, dedicated and reliable solution in gas sensing and beyond. Please contact us to see how we can adjust this sensor for your gas-of-interest.