Measurably healthier

Video analysis for physiotherapists

Many people suffer at some day from pain in the lower back and receive physiotherapy for this. For patients and clinicians it is interesting to know where exactly lies the problem and whether the received therapy is improving the situation. Also for insurance companies it is valuable to quantify the effect of the treatment. Relitech developed together with physiotherapists of the Spine & Joint Centre a method to support the treatment and to quantify the movement of the back.

The ORCA system consists of an video-camera, IR LEDs and dedicated software. The LEDs are positioned on the patients backbone and the position is recorded with the camera during some standardized movements of the patients. The software analyses the videos of the bending of the back, to quantify this. This can show where the movement is hampered and the result of the received treatment can be verified and quantified, by comparing a new test with previous results. Watch the movie by RTL4 below, to have an impression on the ORCA system.

Relitech has a long-standing collaboration with the physiotherapists in this project, for over ten years now. Both the hardware and software are developed and continuously improved in this period, resulting in satisfied users. Also with new projects, we aim for satisfied and happy customers, that we can serve also on the long time.