Point-of-care diagnostics

Development of an innovative point-of-care platform

Measuring biomarker concentrations at the point of care (like in the operation room) with laboratory precision. That is the aim of CitiusBio, and therefore it is our aim. Nowadays, if tests have to be performed at the laboratory, the results are reliable, but it takes up-to 60 minutes to obtain the result. This is hampering accurate and fast (surgical) intervention of medical doctors. A stand-alone device for in-vitro diagnostics can improve this.

We are developing a first series of point-of-care platforms that can measure the concentration of biomarkers in blood with high speed (5 min) and high accuracy. The device can be loaded with a cartridge containing the required assay reagents. Detection of the concentration will be done with a highly sensitive photo-detector, a challenge in a flexible point-of-care machine. The platform will be developed such that it can be easily upgraded for new assays. Also, it will meet the IVDR-standard (in-vitro diagnostic regulations) and is developed under ISO13485.

The development is done in close collaboration with the customer, in an agile/scrum way. This has the advantage that in well-defined sprints step-by-step is defined what will be done next and in what direction the development should continue. Does this make you curious? Please contact us to learn how we can be your development partner.

This project is co-financed by a grant of the European Regional Development Fund (OP-Oost, the Netherlands).


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